Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Do-it-yourself Face Masks

A couple posts back, I discussed how you can save time and money on your regular beauty routine. Some might not realize, but most of your beauty products are right in the kitchen. Homemade remedies such as face masks and hair treatments can work just as well as store-bought beauty products. And the good thing about it is that results can be even better when you do it yourself. I have been experimenting with different face and hair masks for quite some time, and I have had varying results. Most of the masks got a thumbs up!
 Many ingredients like eggs, cucumber, yogurt, oils, honey and oatmeal are great for the face. They are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and other nutrients that are beneficial for your body. You can combine many of these ingredients and tailor it to how you want. Make up your own homemade face mask or use some of the recipes below:   
Egg White Face Mask
·         2 egg whites, separated from the yolk and placed in a bowl
·         2 tablespoons of plain yogurt (I like Greek yogurt)

Separate the egg whites from a couple eggs and place them in a bowl. Add 2 tablespoons of yogurt (do not use flavored yogurt!). Mix them up and apply to face. Leave on face for a few minutes then rinse face in warm water, followed by a warm washcloth.

Oatmeal and Yogurt Face Mask
·         1 tbsp oatmeal, finely ground
·         1 tbsp live, organic yogurt (skip the flavored stuff)
·         A few drops of honey

1.    Add the yogurt to the oatmeal in a small bowl and mix together.
2.    Warm a few drop of honey. To do this, warm a spoon under hot water for a minute, then add a few drops of honey to the spoon.
3.    Stir the honey into the yogurt and oatmeal mixture.
4.    Apply the mask to the face. Leave it on for 10 minutes, then rinse off with several splashes of warm water. Follow with a warm washcloth.
5.    Apply moisturizer.
Cucumbers for the Eyes
According to Discovery Health, Cucumbers have an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces puffiness. The vegetable not only has a high water content, it but it's often stored in the refrigerator and comes out cold. This means that the water hydrates your skin, and the cool temperature decreases the flow of blood to the space around your eyes. Together, additional hydration and reduced blood flow can sooth the skin around your eyes and alleviate swelling.
Next time you’re lounging around, cut two thick slices of cucumber and place them over closed eyes for 10-15 minutes. Do this once a week to eliminate tired eyes.
NOTE: Not everyone will achieve the same results. Please use at your discretion and discontinue if you feel any itching, burning, or other weird sensations on your face.
Feel free to share any other recipes that we should try out!


  1. I love making my own face masks. I have only ever used the oatmeal mask, so I will be sure to try the egg white face mask.

  2. I absolutely love face masks, but I never actually make my own! This has definitely inspired me to do so.

  3. I have such sensitive I can't use anything on my skin except for dermatologist prescribed - however, all natural face masks would probably work wonderful! Thanks!

  4. Great ideas! Beauty products can be expensive and not even work. It is important to take care of our skin, but shouldn't cost us an arm and leg. I love the natural, homemade masks. Great post Sam, your saving the girls in our program a lot of money!

  5. I love doing homemade beauty remedies. I find that often times they DO work just as good as buying a 30 dollar mask or going for a 50 dollar facial. I also thing ideas like this make for great sleepover ideas!